Welcome to the website of Endfield.  The view above is of the garden here.  The picture was taken on the morning of 2nd November 2007, with autumn colour.

Endfield is the name of our house; it was built in the 1930's when Exeter was growing, and at the time it was built, there really was a field at the side of the house.

After the second world war, more houses were built, and the houses were given numbers, but it still says "Endfield" on our gate, and we like to think of it with the name.

We will gradually add to the web pages, to be home to things which interest us. First of all, we have added a page of postal history, introducing the overseas post offices of France, Germany and Austria in the period up to 1914.

David has two blogs, linked above. In one he blogs about Operational Research, and the other is based on a series of articles he has written about this suburban area of Exeter (St Leonard's).

As David is Lay Chairman of the Deanery Synod, we host the webpages for the Synod. They are mainly of interest for members of the churches in Exeter. Christianity Deanery Synod or, with good humour, "Twenty-First Century Christianity".

David and Tina

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